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Flatland Tricky: BMX 4D How-To


Imagine being able to study BMX Flat tricks in dynamic 3D so that you can really see how they are done. Designed by riders for riders, Flatland Tricky brings you thirty great flat tricks with a completely innovative viewing control so that you get right in close to the action. Learn how simple and complex tricks are done so you can push your own performance to new limits.LEARNING TOOLS
For each trick you can :- browse the trick in 360°- choose your point of view with the free viewpoint player- freeze the action- navigate frame by frame- zoom in on points of interest- lock on the Rider-Cam to follow the rider during the trick- track your progress
Basic: Basic Trick, Cyclone, Rollback, Boomerang, Barspin, Peg Wheelie, Hangfive, Megaspin, Frontyard, Footjam Tailwhip
Intermediate: Turbine Hangfive, Turbine Steamroller, Hangfive Seatgrab, Halfpacker, Xfoot Steamroller, Gerator, Lawnmower, Time Machine, Spinning Karlcruiser, Hitchhiker,
Advanced: Xfoot Whiplash, Cliffhanger, Time Machine Pedale, Decade, Spinning Switchhiker, Hangfive to McCircle, Turbine Whiplash, Xfoot Steamroller Barspin Steamroller, Teakettle, Turbine Hitchhiker
Late in 2014 the Flatland Tricky team came together and got to work. Our goal was to combine new technology with the our passion for BMX Flat and to offer new tools to help others share that passion. Just as you work hard on your tricks, we hope you will be pleased with the app. We'd love to hear your feedback.
Ride safe. Ride clever.
The Flatland Tricky team